being a teen is shitty

Perf rn


Perf rn

I miss you

What else can I say, I miss you. I miss our talks and our spontaneous plans. I miss your laughter and the smirk on your face when I was doing something stupid. I miss your straightforward advice and your warm embrace. I just miss every single thing about you and I don’t know how to handle myself. You’re happy now, you’ve got a girl you can show off to the world minus the dramatics associated. I don’t want to be yours, or anything relatively close. I don’t want to be possessed by anybody in any sense. I’m happy for you not because you’re in a relationship, but because you’ve found someone to make you happy. It could’ve been a plastic rock, or that song you hear on a long drive, it’s something, anything, that makes you happy, and it is knowing that you’ve found this happiness, regardless of it’s duration, that makes me want to cry because I am assured you are okay.

What I want is to have you in my life again, you were destined to be. Maybe one day things will work out, until then, I love you, keep on keeping on.


I’ve had the shittiest luck with guys. It’s not that I can’t get one, it’s that I can’t keep one. Let’s go through the ex’s shall we…


He was a great guy, I was an awkward girl. We stood around, didn’t talk, and I wouldn’t even kiss him. It was tragic, and he broke up with me by saying that I’m a whore and I should never talk to him again.


Sweet kid, but it wasn’t feeling right. And now he transferred to Hanover, and there’s no feelings left, but I feel bad for ever hurting him. First and last time I ever dumped somebody, felt too bad about it.


He was just a fucking douche bag  All he saw me as was another girl to try and get with. I wouldn’t fuck him so he cheated on me and then ultimately dumped me. 


I refuse to even get started on this, he gets me so heated. He didn’t ask me out. He TOLD me we were dating. Didn’t give me a decision. He made me a hurt someone that meant a lot to me, accused me of cheating, his ex made my life hell, and I wasted three months of my life trying to get him back while I was just hurting myself. He put me in a depression, and still gives me shit for everything. Asshole award goes to you man.


We weren’t even really dating, it was just a lable that nobody but us knew about. You dumped me on the day my grandma died, so I have no respect for you. Leave me alone.


Finally, my current boy. Everything between us forever felt too good to be true. & I was right, it was. You’re the best boyfriend I’ve ever had. You make my heart melt, we never argue, it’s all smiles with you. But Lyceum ruined us, you never have time, you’ve pushed me away so much, I thought you were the love of my life. What the hell is going on. Now you’re pretty much avoiding me, and I’m trying to set things straight. Hopefully we’ll reconnect later in life, but right now it’s just not ok.

You’re my ex. Why the fuck are we still fighting over something that happened over a year ago. Please keep putting all the blame on me. Please just sit there with all your bullshit and just keep pretending you’re an innocent fucking angel. That you didn’t have me in a depression pretty much crying daily. You always bitch about wanting an apology, yeah, sorry you’ve made my life a living hell, sorry for trying with you. I’m not gonna give you the satisfaction that you’re looking for. You wonder why people call you an asshole? Welp, there you go. Fuck you.

f u mother nature, f u

WHY CAN’T BOYS GET CRAMPS TOO. I’m literally dying, I just wanna eat chocolate, and watch cute love movies. Even if I have a boyfriend, it’s fun to mope around about cute relationships. Yolo

can you die from boredom..

I don’t know if it’s the fact that I’m grounded, or that it’s summer and everybody is out doing their fun summer things, but this is probably the most boring summer yet. I just wanna miraculously have my license and get the fuck out of this tourist town. Everybody that doesn’t live on the coast is all “oh my gosh, we went to the beach today! let’s get in the water, omg lol better not get bit by a shark like in soul surfer” sweetie, I hope you go in when there’s a strong current, and those sharks don’t just bite you, they eat you ok. (disregard that last comment though, it was a bit snappy, it’s just the boredom talking) but then all the people here just wanna leave pronto, especially due to the tourists infesting this place for the next two months or so. just leave. please. por favor. idgaf what language they speak, LEAVE. wah, so I guess I’ll just go on omegle or chatroulette and find somebody interesting to talk to, and mope about life with. it’s just a mopey day, okay bye.